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makers hackathon
the inaugural event

From 18:00 Thursday the 16th of June to 18:00 Saturday the 18th of June in the new 1700 sqm 3D print farm and 3D lab Beta One, hosted by Lostboyslab® and the Industry®. Bring your ideas, concepts, projects or solutions and together we hack, think and tinker, also with the help of +200 machines at our disposal.

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Lunch, dinner, snacks, and soft drinks included.
Limited to 70 Makers/Hackers/Tinkers/Thinkers.

In partnership and alliance with:

The 48 hour All Inclusive Pass.

(just bring your own laptop and sw.)

The 48 Hour all inclusive pass gives you acces to workshops, the base floor (bring your laptop) and all equipment we and partners bring. This is a practical event, we design, model, develop, test, 3D print, lasercut and it is a collbaorative excerice. In the 48 hour pass is included what you need for the event food, drink, snacks.

→ We have a special pass for students at 50% reduction.

All participants need a pass, regardless if you are 3D printer designer,  Material Manufacturer, software slicer engineer, Einstein or a badass Maker.

buy your 48 hour pass

Bring your laptop (with software).

As we open the gates to our modern research lab and 3D print farm you will be at the center inside the facility. In the pass all catering is included as well as welcome gifts from partners. Among other things you will recieve a 750g spool of the new Addnite P15R 3D filament that can use during the event in 3D print farm (you can also bring your own material).

Makers Hackathon merchandize and partner gifts for the Hackathon will be in the bag you recieve at regsitration when you arrive.

Join the workshops.

Running almost all the time are expert sharing knowledge workshops. Material, 3D modeling, slicing tips, machine technology and software geeks will have 20 min session with Q/A session. No pre registration, all included in your pass, just join the workshops that will be running in the conference area on the 2nd floor in the lab.

For a full schedule see below, thse will be subject to change at any point of time. If you want to host a 20 min session, please contact us directly.

Our partners, the best of the best.

The Marks Hackathon is a shared know-how exercise, it is not an expo with booths and sales people pitching their stuff. It is an open Hack event where we share knowledge and experiences between each other.

Material specialists, meet Makers, software developers meet innovators. It is a exploration, testing, hacking and an event for the curious minds to make the world a better place. Design, make, invent and explore. The partners are all in it to mentor, coach, assist, help and share their experitze, we want to gather the best.

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Our 3D lab is at your disposal.

Bring your laptop and CAD software. Participants canalso bring their own material as granules or 1.75 mm filament. All +200 3D printers from Markforged, Prusa, Modix, Wasp, Formlabs as well as resin, lasers and UV printers will be available for the participants and mentors, coaches, and ambassadors for various brands and software will be there coach and help as we tinker and think together.

Workshops are running every full and half hour in the conference room. Join the 20-minute workshop sessions at your convenience. Topics and speakers below, can be changed and updated at any time.

Book your 48H pass, a flight and a hotel.

The tickets are limited to 70 seats. Students have 50% discount (limited). Hotels are available around the city, we recommend Hyllie in the outside of Malmö, only 5 minutes on the outer ring road. The Beta One 3D print farm is located around 20 min drive (taxi) from the International Copenhagen airport.

For domestic flight Sturup airport is located 20 min south of the venue. After online purchase of the 48H pass you will recieve a link to register and fill out special requirements like allergies etc.

buy your 48 hour pass

Any questions? contact us.

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Makers Hackathon by Lostboyslab® and The Industry®

Workshops in the upper conference room.

Runs every half hour/full hour and is 15-20 minutes with 5 min Q/A Interactive sessions, introductions to technology, materials, solutions, and software

Friday the 17th starting at 10:00 (No seminars on Thursday evening)


Recycled rubber in 3D filaments?


Isac Andersson


How to “program” smart products

Stefan Larsson


Large format slicing, do's and don'ts


Hans Hansson


Introduction to WASP


Giulio Buscaroli


Open House




How to scale your AM application


Magnus Åberg


Volumetric Latticing for AM in Fusion 360


Thomas Stock


Material Developments 3D filaments


Eric Bengtsson


How to test material & Parts

CA Mätsystem

Tobias Gustafsson


Cloud slicing with


Kyle Mason


Advanced end-to-end additive wf in Fusion 360


Thomas Stock


Magnum 3D printer info


Emil Cajfeldt

Saturday the 18th starting at 10:00 (Seminars end at lunch time)


Cloud printing FDM what can be done


Albert Möller Nielsen


Deep dive Onyx, materials unlock your potential


Kyle Mason


Delta printing what is it and why?


Giulio Buscaroli


Design tips in Industrial design for AM


Marcus Botha